Poor Calvin Ridley

By now, many of you have seen the reports following the the NFLs decision in the investigation of newly acquired Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson in regards to his sexual assault cases. Watson was ultimately handed a whopping SIX week suspension after the NFL decided that Watson was probably receiving too many relaxing massages. The real tragedy in all of this is star receiver Calvin Ridley. Poor guy was probably just trying to win enough money to buy himself out of that poverty franchise but instead got handed a full year suspension for sports betting during this past season.

Its pretty fucked up because not only will he be riding the pine for a full season, he’ll also be forced to watch the Falcons for 17 straight weeks. Ridley should be pretty pissed to see that sexual misconduct is only a relatively minor infraction in comparison to taking the under in a Falcons verse Jags game. All in all, Im not sure why the fuck the NFL took Ridley’s suspension as serious as Bill Belichick in any given post game interview but its a damn shame to say the least. The only thing I know for sure is that Browns trainers and physical therapists will probably be on high alert when Watson returns for Week 7. Stay safe Cleveland.

Written by rigatoni

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