Pornhub Needs Your Help

Pornhub needs your help with a recent legal issue regarding access to the site. In Virginia, Arkansas, and Mississippi, laws have been passed that require verification on these sites. This will require people to enter their personal information into the site to gain access. This is an effort to keep these sites widely available to adults, while blocking children from having access. Pornhub posted a video on Vimeo about this, featuring Cherie Deville. Unlike most of Deville’s work, she is fully clothed for the whole video. She talks about the need to verify the user’s ID at the device level to maintain the privacy and safety of the users. 

What has the world come to that lawmakers are trying to prevent teenagers from masturbating? In my teenage years, I only followed my parents’ rules so they wouldn’t take away the device I used to google, “naked boobs.” Yes, I ended up finding my way onto Pornhub at an age younger than most rational adults would suggest. But I also learned a lot about sexuality, and the art of– I’ll cut the shit. I didn’t learn a god damn thing. That being said, why can’t the kids have their fun in the comfort of a locked bedroom. Look at me now. I am a well-adjusted, responsible, intelligent young man who is still alive. 

I don’t know who the real beneficiaries are in this situation. Apparently, the goal of this law is to protect children. The thing is, teenagers are going to find porn no matter if the task is harder than they are two days after Pornhub gets shut down. First of all, their horniness allows them to stay more focused on the task of masturbation than the Navy Seals were on capturing Osama Bin Laden. Also, no one with a younger cousin thinks this is a good idea. Teenagers are the elite group when it comes to navigating the internet. If we take away the possibility of teenagers seeing boobs for free on the internet, we’re going to develop an army of horny hacking monsters. So watch the video and do what Cherie Deville says. Pornhub needs you to help out.

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