Possible Aliens in Las Vegas

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Futuristic Pacific Islander woman watching planets in sky

Before I get started on this, I want to say something: If you’re one of those people who denies the existence of otherworldly beings, I understand it, but you’re no fun whatsoever. Aliens are cool, and even if this thing wasn’t real, it’s way more interesting to think that it was. Anyway, something fell from the sky in Las Vegas, and it’s possible it was an alien spaceship.

Recently released footage was released of a glowing object falling from the sky. The report came out yesterday, and a news broadcast gave viewers the audio from a 911 call from where the object landed and video footage of police officers dash and body cams when they arrived on the scene.

According to the callers, something landed in their backyard, and when they went out to look at it, they saw two large creatures, one outside and one inside whatever hit the ground. On the call, the man confirms that he is not joking and that he believes them to be aliens: “There’s like an 8-foot person beside it and another one beside it and it has big eyes and it’s looking at us and it’s still there. In my backyard. I swear to God, this is not a joke. We’re terrified,” said the caller.

My biggest issue with this whole thing was the guy’s decision to call 911 and think that human weapons could do anything to kill these creatures if it came to it. Anyone who has ever seen an alien invasion movie knows that bullets are usually no match for aliens, so what did this guy think the cops were going to do? Tase it back into outer space? No shot. 

I’m sure the government will come out in a few days with a “logical explanation” for what happened, but who do you trust more: Big Brother or me, an internet blogger who firmly believes this must be real?

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