Predicting the NFL Playoff Field and Super Bowl Winner

All sports fans like making predictions and all sports fans like seeing predictions. I’ve been a big-time follower of the NFL for almost a decade now. At the start of every season, I like to make a preliminary, unbiased, and thoughtful playoff prediction (PP).

So here’s my PP (please don’t show anybody), I’ll add some random thoughts below that justify some of my picks. My Super Bowl prediction will be at the bottom of this article as well.


1- Buffalo Bills

2 Kansas City Chiefs VS 7 New England Patriots

3 Cincinnati Bengals VS 6 Denver Broncos

4 Indianapolis Colts VS 5 LA Chargers

First team out- Oakland Raiders

AFC Championship: Buffalo beats Kansas City

In regards to my AFC Picks:

Buffalo is easily the team to beat in the AFC. They have a very good offense and a great defense. The only reason they didn’t make it to the super bowl last year was due to a coin flip. (Buffalo would have beaten the brakes off of Cincinnati).

The AFC West is shaping up to be one of the greatest divisions of all time, I see no less than 3 teams getting in, and with the new format there’s a very good chance they all make it in. Oakland is far and away the least complete team here, but the Chargers always seem to come in below expectations.

Where the AFC West is elite, the AFC South is underwhelming. I think the titans could win it as well, but I think the AFC South provides the 4 seed in the bracket that gets beaten by the 5th seed.


1 LA Rams

2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS 7 Minnesota Vikings

3 Dallas Cowboys VS 6 Philadelphia Eagles

4 Green Bay Packers VS 5 San Francisco 49ers

First team out- Arizona Cardinals

NFC Championship prediction: Tampa Bay beats San Fransisco

In Regards to my NFC Picks:

The Ram’s “win now” mode is gonna last them a few years. They have a top three team in terms of talent, a top three team in terms of coaching, and a top 3 team in terms of payroll. This is a team that was built to win a championship, and while I don’t think the Rams repeat, I do think they will dominate the regular season.

In 2018 I thought Brady was really done, I thought he was too old. I’m sure he’s glad to hear I’m wrong. Brady doesn’t need extreme athleticism to be great, all he needs is motivation. After almost beating the Rams in the playoffs last year, I think Tampa Bays’ talented roster still has gas left in the tank to make it to the Super Bowl.

I see Philadelphia and Minnesota both making big leaps this year in terms of improvement. They both are still lacking the talent the top teams in their division have (Green Bay and Dallas), but the two wild card teams will be set for a good while to make some noise. This is really true with the Eagles, which had the best off-season of any NFL team.

Super Bowl Prediction: Buffalo beats Tampa Bay

Buffalo is in the right spot to win. They are young, talented, angry, and disciplined. Tom Brady will play a great game, but in the end, the Bucs defense won’t be able to stop the Bill’s offense.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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