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Previewing The AFC Super Wildcard Weekend

NFL playoffs are finally here. Were you sick on gambling on teams who stopped trying? Looking at you Eagles, good job get that better draft pick. That time of the year is finally over, it’s playoffs baby.

The AFC which this year is the best division in football you have the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, Titans, and Steelers all competing for that one spot to make the Super Bowl. There might be no Chiefs this weekend, but there are amazing games being played. On Saturday you have the Colts and Bills. Then on Sunday you have Ravens vs Titans, and Browns vs Steelers.

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The first game to kick off the AFC Super Wildcard weekend is the Colts vs Bills. Can old man Phillip Rivers upset the red hot Bills? The answer to that question is no. The Bills have won their last 6 games in a row. If Kyler Murray and the Cardinals didn’t hit a Hail Mary to win the game they would’ve won 9 games in a row. Their only losses this season have come from the Chiefs, and Titans which was a weird game since it took place on a Tuesday because of Covid, and the Hail Mary that I mentioned earlier. The Bills offense has been there all year as they are ranked 2nd in points, 2nd in yards, 3rd in passing yards, and 3rd in passing touchdowns. In the second half of the season the Bills defense has matched their dynamic offense. Since week 12 they have given up 17 points to the Chargers, 24 points to the 49ers, 15 points to the Steelers, 19 points to the Broncos, and 9 points to the Patriots. The Colts defense who has struggled with the pass who are ranked 20th in passing yards allowed, and 12th in passing touchdowns allowed are going to have a hard time against Josh Allen. Their offense is led by Phillip Rivers who will need to pack a dozen winter hats and gloves for his 9 kids as the Colts have to travel to Buffalo. I don’t trust Phillip Rivers in a dome you add in freezing weather, and I have a feeling this may be his last game ever. I see the Bills easily winning this game, and on their way to meet with the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

You really think I’m gonna preview the Bills and not have a Bills Mafia video?

The first game on Sunday is the rematch of last years playoff game with the Ravens vs the Titans. Everybody remembers last year when the Titans stunned the Ravens, and made the Ravens look like frauds. This year the Ravens are coming in with none of the hype, and are secretly looking like Super Bowl contenders. Their defense is 2nd in points allowed, 4th in rushing touchdowns allowed, and 5th in passing touchdowns allowed. You combine that with an offense that is ranked 1st in rushing yards, 3rd in rushing touchdowns, and 7th in points on paper the Ravens look like an amazing team. I just don’t trust Lamar Jackson he has never shown to be an amazing passer. The Ravens are 32nd in passing yards, and 13th in passing touchdowns. These teams have already played once this season where the Titans won 30-24 in an overtime thriller. The Titans are of course led by Derrick Henry who is just a monster. The Titans have one of the most electric offenses as they are 2nd in yards, 2nd in rushing yards, 2nd in rushing touchdowns, 4th in points, and 8th in passing touchdowns. The knock on the Titans is that they are Charmin soft on defense. I could bore you with stats on how bad their secondary is just know that in every passing category they are in the bottom of the league. That doesn’t matter though as the Ravens don’t want to throw the ball, and the Titans are 19th in rushing yards allowed, and 22nd in rushing touchdowns allowed. Those aren’t amazing stats, but compared to being 31st in passing touchdowns allowed these look amazing. This game is going to be probably the best game of the weekend, and I see the Titans barely making it past the Ravens. I just know it’s gonna be awesome football to watch as a fan.

The last game for the AFC is the Browns vs the Steelers. And of course the Browns just keep being the Browns. For a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2002 you would think this would be a happy time for the tortured fans, nope. Covid has ran rampant through this team as the head coach of the Browns Kevin Stefanski will not be able to coach on Sunday. If it wasn’t for Covid issues I would love the Browns for this game. I don’t think that the Steelers are all that good, I think their hot start was mostly because they played nobody good. Even though the Browns won last week against the Steelers you can throw that game out since the Steelers rested all of their starters. Big Ben has never lost to the Browns in Pittsburgh. Big Ben is an old man, and plays the Browns twice a year and he has owned the Browns like a pimp. If this was Bill Belichick he would figure out a way to coach this game. No global pandemic could stop that man. Shit I think the NFL should just let the Browns cheat and let Stefanski coach from home. Or maybe he should sneak into the arena, and send out smoke signals. Whatever it takes for me to see Browns fans still be in the playoffs should be allowed. If the Browns had no Covid issues I love them here, but with all everybody out I still like the Browns to win this game. I don’t love them anymore, just like them. Like I wouldn’t start a family with the Browns, but I would definitely have them over for a one night stand.

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