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Previewing The NFC Super Wildcard Weekend

The Wildcard weekend is always an amazing time for sports. Normally there are 4 games to kick us off to the NFL playoffs. There has been stunning upsets, crazy endings (I’m looking at you Chicago Bears fans double doink!!), and 2 straight days of gambling. This last year has been absolute shit, so what did the NFL decide to do? Give us 6 games for the Wildcard weekend. For a league that doesn’t give a shit about their players they sure love us fans.

The first NFC game to start the super Wildcard weekend is Rams vs Seahawks. Then followed up with the Buccaneers vs Washington to end Saturday night. Da Bears vs Saints is the only NFC game on Sunday. The opening weekend in the NFC we get to see if Pete Carrol will let Russ cook, if Tom Brady can manage to play a night game, and hopefully Drew Brees doesn’t break every rib in his body. The only thing that would make this Super Wildcard weekend better is if my Eagles were somehow playing, but instead we have Jim Schwartz retiring, and the future of the entire organization up in the air.

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The first NFC game is Rams vs Seahawks. We have NFC West rivals going head to head. These teams have already played twice and have split the series. These two teams know each other almost as much as you know what your booty call likes in bed. Wait ignore that comparison I’m a guy, I don’t know anything in bed. More like how you know the perfect way to piss off your brother. This game is going to be a slugfest. The Rams defense led by Aaron Donald is the second best defense in the entire league. They are number 1 in points allowed, passing touchdowns, and passing yards. It looks like it’s going to be a tough night to let Russ cook. The status of Jarred Goff is uncertain, and the Rams will heavily rely on the offensive guru that is Sean McVay in order to score points. The Seahawks in the first half of the season were an explosive offense, with a terrible defense. That script has completely flipped as their defense has figured out how to play football, and now the offense is struggling. Russ in the first half of the season threw 28 tds, and the second half he has only managed to throw 12. DK Metcalf is going to battle against Jalen Ramsey who has been shutting down wide receivers. I see a low scoring game with the Rams securing the victory late in the 4th quarter.

We go from two teams with a 22-10 record in the Rams and Seahawks. To Tampa Bay who finished with a 11-5 record, and Washington who finished 7-9. Yes you did read that right a team that finished under 500, not only made the playoffs, but won their division. NFC East has about the same standards as a guy looking around the bar at 3 in the morning. This isn’t the first time that a team under 500 has made the playoffs it has actually happened 4 times, twice in 1982 I don’t really count them since they only played 9 games. It also happened in 2010 with the Seahawks finishing 7-9, and 2014 with the Panthers finishing 7-8-1. Both of these teams were huge underdogs just like Washington and both of these teams won in the first round. The Seahawks defeated the 11-5 Saints and is better known as the beast quake game.

This video breaking down the beast quake run has to be a top 10 YouTube video of all time

The Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in 2014. For Washington fans I unfortunately don’t see Washington keeping this trend going. Washington has the worst ranked offense, and it looks like Alex Smith is only one leg. Tom Brady is 1-4 during primetime games. Is it because he is too old to stay up that late? I don’t think that matters as I see the Bucs easily making their way past Washington.

The last game for the NFC is Da Bears versus the Saints.

This is another huge underdog, and I think everyone is completely right about this game. Da Bears offense has looked better, but that is because they have played shit defenses. Since week 13 they’ve played Detroit (26th), Houston (28th), Minnesota (23rd), and Jacksonville (30th). Da Bears are always known to have a great defense, but their defense hasn’t showed up lately. They gave up 34 points to Detroit, 27 to Minnesota, and 35 to Green Bay in the last 5 weeks. Even with a decrepit Drew Brees I see the Saints defense not letting Da Bears score. The Saints should easily win this game, and I could even see Brees not playing the second half because it’s such a blow out.

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