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Prime is the Official Sports Drink of the UFC

Las Vegas, NV - JANUARY 14: UFC President Dana White spotted with Logan Pauls Prime drink at UFC Vegas 67 on January 14, 2023 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s kind of getting out of hand at this point. The UFC has an official water, energy drink, tequila, beer, and now sports drink. This coming February at UFC 284, Logan Paul’s sports drink, Prime, will make its ringside debut. From filming dead people in the forest to signing a multi-million dollar contract with one of the world’s fastest-growing professional sports leagues, this guy truly embodies the underdog story. 

Logan Paul and famous YouTuber KSI founded Prime after that bullshit boxing fight they put on. Remember, it was the one where they pretended to hate each other to drive up fight hype. I know this type of thing is done in every fight league but this was Disney Channel-level acting. They even had their younger brothers Jake and Deji fight each other. It was quite the storyline.

This isn’t Logan’s only experience in a fight league though, he actually wrestled for a little while in the WWE. While I love to throw shade at the entire Paul family, Logan absolutely killed it. I mean this guy went full flying squirrel into another grown-ass man. That takes some balls.

Luckily, Prime signing with the UFC will not affect other drink sponsors like Monster Energy and Jose Cuervo. I would have hated to see that iconic ‘M’ logo leave the middle of the ring. I also feel like there is a missed opportunity with all of these fighters absolutely pounding beers post-fight. It’s hard to believe that Modelo, the official beer of the UFC, isn’t getting their name all over that. 

I am pretty pumped to see what the future of the UFC and this partnership holds. Who knows maybe this will help Jake Paul get in the octagon and finally get his ass handed to him. 

Written by Brady White

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