Professor Threatens New York Post Reporter with a Machete

A professor from Hunter College has recently been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. After going viral for cursing out students who were doing a pro-life display on campus, she held a machete to the neck of a New York Post reporter before threatening to chop him up. The reporter left the scene immediately after being threatened, but she followed him and proceeded to verbally attack him. If you ask me, this is very unprofessional behavior from a professor. 

I always find it funny when an adult is so insecure about their own beliefs that they feel the need to argue them with strangers. That interaction is a waste of time for all parties. The college students doing the pro-life demonstration could’ve been doing something more productive, like homework, or hitting their friend’s Rick and Morty bong. But the saddest person in this scenario is a professor who gave into their bait. Anyone who has been on a college campus for anything more than a lunch has walked past a foldable white table and grabbed their phone to avoid eye contact with the social justice warrior behind it. But this woman decided she was bored enough to scream at these kids. Then several days later, she’s threatening to go Dexter on some guy trying to do his job. 

Apparently, this is what happens when you give someone tenure. People need the looming threat of their life falling apart at any given moment to motivate them to follow societal rules. We’re not talking about breaking the unwritten rules of baseball here. We are talking about giving people incentive to make sure they can’t track someone down with a machete anytime they are crossed. I think that should be a building block to our society. 

I’ve also never chased anyone down with a machete though, so I can’t judge the woman if this was all in seek of a thrill I’m unaware of. 

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