Pros and Cons of First Date Spots

I don’t know how so much pressure of dating was put onto men. The times are progressing, but we still typically pay on the first date. And because we are almost always the ones asking a girl out, we are often left choosing a place to go on a first date. Some locations are better than others, but every spot has its ups and down. Here are the pros and cons of first date spots to keep in mind for your own dating career. 

Nice Restaurant


  • You’ll look richer than you are.
  • You can eat a steak by someone who actually knows how to cook one.
  • Everyone around you is probably old, so you look better through association.


  • It is expensive.
  • Wine sucks.
  • The married couples around will remind her you aren’t boyfriend material, let alone husband material. 

Average Restaurant/Applebee’s


  • It’s not too expensive.
  • There’s likely one close to you.
  • Half priced appetizers after eight. (Exclusive to Applebee’s)




  • You can get drunk.
  • You can see if your date is a fun drunk.
  • If your date doesn’t go well you can try to meet another girl.


  • You might get too drunk.
  • Your date might get too drunk.
  • If you try flirting with another girl your date might leave.

Movie Theater


  • You don’t have to talk to your date for approximately two hours.
  • Oppenheimer comes out this weekend.
  • You can tell mansplain to her why Quentin Tarantino’s filmography is underappreciated.


  • If she tries to hold your hand, you might have to eat popcorn with your off hand. 
  • She might not like you mansplaining your best movie opinions.
  • Barbie also comes out this weekend and you’re way more likely to get a girl to see that.

Top Golf


  • You can hit absolute missiles that will surely make her attracted to you.
  • You can watch Paige Spiranac videos on your phone and pass it off as, “watching a tutorial.”
  • You can get drunk.


  • You will likely need a bank loan for anything more than an hour.
  • The food is good, so she’s going to run up the bill on their pretzel bites and spinach dip. 
  • If she hits one ball farther than you, the date is over.

Your Friend’s Basement


  • Very cheap.
  • If she is a Harry Potter fan, she’ll likely be entertained when you guys play Hogwarts Legacy for four hours.
  • She can Door Dash whatever she wants.


  • This isn’t very romantic. 
  • Your friend definitely needs a shower.
  • Even if it works, she’ll think she’s, “one of the guys.”

When in doubt, go to Applebee’s.

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