Psychology of Post-Nut Regret Explained By A Doctor On Stiff Socks Podcast

Trevor Wallace: “What is post-nut regret and why does that happen?”

Dr. Drew Pinsky: “You’re not in your normal brain … You’re super attracted at least until you’re not and then you do not know whether this is somebody you want to be with and what you might have done, could you have hurt this person and now am I gonna have to continue with this are all things that go into having sex with another human.”

In the Stiff Socks Podcast hosted by Trevor Wallace and Michael Blaustein, they interview Dr. Drew Pinsky in a truly top-to-the-bottom hilarious podcast. Trevor asks about post-nut regret and why it happens. Dr. Drew explains that after having sex, your brain is not in its normal state. You are super attracted to the other person until you’re not, and then you start questioning whether this is someone you really want to be with. You might worry about whether you’ve hurt them in any way, and whether you’re now stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in. All of these thoughts and emotions can contribute to post-nut regret.

Dudes, listen up. I know as men we like to act tough and emotionless all the time, but let’s be real, post-nut clarity is normal. We all go through it and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. Society has trained us to hide our emotions and act as if nothing affects us, but I think that’s BS. I’m here to stand up for us men. I believe all guys are actually in touch with our feelings, we just don’t show it because we’re afraid of being judged. It’s like we’re caterpillars, stuck in these ugly little cocoons, and girls look at us like we’re gross. But once we find a girlfriend and start opening up, we turn into beautiful colorful butterflies and suddenly we have potential. That’s why when you’re in a relationship, it seems like every girl wants to date you – because they see that you have depth and aren’t just some emotionless robot. So let’s embrace our post-nut clarity and not be afraid to show our emotions. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

Written by TFM Stelly

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