Punches Thrown at Jake Paul, Nate Diaz Press Conference

Jake Paul is continuing his Mickey Mouse boxing career tomorrow night against Nate Diaz. Paul just suffered his first loss in his semi-pro athletic entertainment career in an exhibition bout to Tommy Fury. Now he is back to fighting someone else with no boxing experience outside of a UFC octagon.

The video of them throwing fake punches at each other isn’t even worth analyzing. The video is best described as a bunch of twelve-year old meatheads who don’t have enough room to properly shove each other. Most baseball, “fights” have more action than this one. 

This the cycle of Jake Paul’s boxing career. He trains all day for months to turn himself into a decent boxer. He then picks someone who looks like a qualified boxer based on things they accomplished in another sport. Then when the fight gets close, he throws a few insults at his opponent. Then when the fight is over, he becomes incredibly thankful to his opponent for causing the world to take him seriously for a few minutes. He isn’t getting my attention this time. 

I’m done giving my attention to Jake Paul’s pre fight theatrics. I don’t believe his press conference fights are any more natural than anything that happens in a WWE ring. Diaz did call Paul the f-slur, so I will say that his banter is likely unplanned. But that is the only part of prefight drama that hasn’t been planned. Nate was truly annoyed with Paul, and decided to call him something he knew would cut through.

I don’t think anyone should watch this fight. The only way it will be entertaining, is if Diaz forgets all of the rules at the start of the bout and throws Paul a kick to the face. If you want to watch it, find a stream.

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