Quarterbacks are Dropping like Flies

Now I’ll be the first to say that NFL players get injured during a season. Yea, I know, I was surprised when I heard that too. Who knew right? I would never have guessed that a sport involving tackling and contact players would get injured. However, maybe it’s just me but I feel like this year has been especially brutal for quarterbacks, and I’m just left wondering why.

To start off, before the season started, the absolute GOAT of a quarterback on the Jets went down with a bone bruise and meniscus tear, which sure, it’s the Jets, that’s not really surprising. But so far during this season quarterbacks that have gotten injured have been Dak Prescott, Tua Tangovailoa, Justin Herbert, Trey Lance, Danny Dimes, Tyrod Taylor, and my handsome quarterback Mac Jones. Somehow even the Patriot’s backup quarterback Hoyer the destroyer also got injured just two drives into their week four matchup. Even Jameis Winston, Mr. thirty for thirty himself, hasn’t been able to escape the injury bug.

I guess I just wonder why this phenomenon has been sweeping the NFL, is it just because of how horrible the pass protection has been? Or did the quarterbacks all undertake some Satanic ritual before the season started and now they’re paying the price? I have no idea. And it’s not like these are short injuries either. I mean Tua might be dead, and Trey Lance is out for the whole season as well.  

I don’t know maybe I’m just looking too much into this, but I’m gonna need these QB’s to cut it out, not just for Fantasy reasons but also for Fantasy reasons.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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