Rams’ DC Saves Child’s Life

Here at TFM we talk a lot about beer, boobs, and shenanigans. While that is what I love most about the job that I applied for over Instagram DMs, sometimes we need to take a break from penis jokes and talk about real shit. The shit I’m about to tell you now isn’t just real, but will hopefully make your day and restore your faith in humanity.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, while most of us were day drinking and lighting fireworks off in our ass cracks, some families took the opportunity of a long weekend to get away. The Stanley Family decided to go to Las Vegas and stay at the Encore Hotel.

On Memorial Day, while at the pool, 3-year-old Wyatt Stanley drowned and was scooped out of the water with no pulse and blue skin. Things were looking bleak.

Luckily, in the midst of Wyatt’s parents’ panic, Los Angeles Rams’ Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris was calm enough to take action. Morris was also at the pool with his family that day, and after being trained on how to properly use an AED device amidst the Damar Hamlin situation in the NFL, he immediately jumped in to help.

Morris ran to grab the AED while an emergency physician Dr. Andrew Olekysn, who was also just a patron of the Encore pool that day, began to perform CPR. Together, the duo was able to resuscitate Wyatt and bring back his pulse. He was then transported to the ER where his life was ultimately saved.

That was two weeks ago. Yesterday, for the first time since the incident, Wyatt and the Stanley Family were able to visit Morris at the Rams’ practice facility. Morris instantly gave Wyatt a massive bear hug, which will bring tears to your eyes.

This morning, in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, Wyatt’s mom Kelseigh Stanley called the entire event “truly a miracle.” That it is.

Thank you Coach Morris and Dr. Andrew, you two are real American heroes. 

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Written by Alex Becker

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