Ranking New Uniforms in the NFL

Last offseason brought about a significant ruling alteration in the NFL, permitting teams to utilize two distinct helmets. This change has prompted numerous teams to seize the opportunity and unveil new uniforms for the current season.

Some teams took this new rule to heart and really seized the opportunity, while some teams really messed it up and made the ugliest uniforms seen by man.

12. Arizona Cardinals

Not only are they a divisional rival, but they are also sporting the ugliest jerseys in the NFL with these new additions. This is a complete rehaul of their previous jerseys and they really missed. They’re plain and boring and I hate them. Plus they might be the worse team in the league this year.

11. Indianapolis Colts

The only reason these are above the Cardinals is because it’s only one ugly jersey instead of 3. These are just hideous, but I am sure Anthony Richardson throwing a 60-yard bomb will make them look better.

10. New York Jets

I actually really like these because they’re so simple. They ranked so low because they’re so simple. I feel like Aaron Rodgers had something to do with these because they look exactly like the Packer’s away uniforms.

9. Detroit Lions

Yes, it’s only a helmet, but they killed this helmet. The Lions are America’s sweetheart, almost like the Sacramento Kings in the NBA playoffs last year.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So many people are hating on these, but the creamsicles are so elite. I think any cream color just looks great. The powder blue Chargers jerseys are still #1, but these are good.

7. Atlanta Falcons

When they wear these, I’m just gonna be looking for Michael Vick running all over the defense. I love the callback.

6. Philadelphia Eagles

These haven’t been officially released yet so it hurts my ranking a little. BUT, if they screw these up, everyone should be fired. These will look so good when the 49ers come into town in December and beat them.

5. Minnesota Vikings

These are perfect in my opinion. The yellow outline of the numbers and block numbers. I love these.

4. Denver Broncos

These have my money for the best helmet in the league. Imagine they were there during a snow game and the helmet perfectly blends in with the snow-covered field in Denver. I miss football.

3. Cleveland Browns

Similar to the Broncos, the all-white helmet is amazing. Plus they added jerseys to it. Thank you so much, Cleveland. Too Bad Deshaun Watson is on that team.

2. Seattle Seahawks

I hate the Seahawks with a passion and too bad they’re going to get swept by the 49ers this year, but at least they’ll look good doing it. Go Niners.

  1. Tennessee Titans

I’m not even gonna lie, I need a Steve McNair jersey in this style. These are actually perfect and I am so excited to watch them play with these on.

Written by TFM Stelly

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