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Ranking Nights of the Week to Drink

Let me start this off by saying that there are no bad nights to drink. I mean, for academic reasons there are, but I’m not trying to say that these nights aren’t fun if you do choose to be a degenerate and hit the bar on a Sunday.

7. Tuesday

The reason drinking on a Tuesday is last is because it’s a bit of a chore. You’ll end up hungover and really annoyed at yourself because Wednesday is not a day that you want to be lying in bed wishing that you hadn’t gone out the night before.

6. Sunday

This would be seven if it weren’t for Super Bowl Sunday and three-day weekends. Any other time, you’re going to end up with a really hungover start to your school week, but hey, it’s a fun way to keep a bender going.

5. Monday

Drinking on a Monday just feels so wrong, but that’s what makes it fun. No one likes coming off of a weekend to get back into the grueling efforts of schoolwork, classes, and studying, and what better way is there to destress than a Monday night out?

4. Wednesday

Going Wednesday-Saturday night drinking can be a lot of fun, but it’s not something that I find to be sustainable more than one week (maybe two weeks) in a row (and if you do it every week whoopity fucking doo, you’re really cool). 

These last three were hard to rank, but I did my best.

3. Saturday

Because I’m terrible at time management, all of me weekend homework typically gets saved for Sunday, and it gets really hard to be motivated after a big Saturday night, which is the reason that it’s coming in at number three. But the ability to darty during the day and then rally at night makes it such a beautiful day of the week.

2. Friday

There’s no sight more beautiful than a college campus being absolutely out of control on a Friday night. Need I say more?

1. Thursday

In a different semester, one and two might be flipped on this list, but since I have no classes on Friday, that makes Thursday night the start of my weekend. If you’re brave enough to power through your classes the next day (or skip them. You do you. I’m not your parents), it can be the beginning of yours too.

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