Ranking Sports Championships

10. MLS Cup

I genuinely don’t know anyone who is a diehard fan of any MLS team. Sure, people root for the teams that are in their cities (sometimes), but I genuinely couldn’t tell you who won the MLS Cup last year. That’s because it’s essentially a pointless sport in the US. I didn’t even know what the championship was called before writing this blog.

9. The Olympics

I get it. They’re all world class athletes. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s pretty clear that in terms of championships, this one is way back in the power rankings.

8. The World Cup

It’s hard to really love the World Cup when the US disappoints us heavily every four years, but hey, maybe this will be our year. Still though, the World Cup is the one time that non-soccer fans really get into the sport, and I think the fact that it only happens once every four years actually plays better for it.

7. The Stanley Cup

This one may be a miss, but it’s my list and guess what? I don’t watch hockey. Don’t get me wrong, I would go balls to the wall to root for the Flyers in the Stanley Cup, but if they’re not in it, I wouldn’t watch a single game. I know that die hard hockey fans live for the Stanley Cup, but I just think that the hockey following is significantly less than a lot of other sports

6. College Football Playoffs

If it weren’t for the fact that the NCAA completely ruins the playoffs by only having four teams play, I’d rank this higher. Besides that though, the National Championship game for College Football is usually one of the most exciting games in sports.

5. The Masters

Even if you don’t like golf, The Masters is consistently the place where crazy shit happens. It’s Augusta. What else do you need to say?

4. The World Series

Playoff baseball is incredibly exciting, but like some of the other championships I’ve gone through, a lot of fans won’t pay too close of attention unless their team is in it. With that being said, though, true baseball fans live for October.

3. The NBA Finals

Personally, I prefer the MLB over the NBA, but there’s no denying that the NBA Finals are more exciting than the World Series. Because there’s a lot more action, it makes it much easier to watch when your team isn’t playing.

2. March Madness

I think this is probably the only sport that’s championship is more exciting to watch in college than in the pros. Games being played non-stop the first weekend, upsets, and crazy runs make it one of the coolest things to watch on television – both in and out of sports.

1. The Super Bowl

It doesn’t matter if your team is playing, if you are a diehard football fan, or if you don’t know what a first down is. Almost everybody in America watches The Super Bowl and for that reason, it’s number one.

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