Rare Disease Causes Massive Boob Growth

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A woman in Australia has suffered from severe growth in her breasts due to a condition she suffers from called gigantomastia. She was diagnosed after noticing significant growth last March, and has since gone from a size J to a size O bra. She mentioned her struggles to find clothing that fits her and dealing with back pain since then.

As a straight man, my brain went to two places after hearing about this. The first, was imagining having this happening to my penis. I’d imagine the first few days would be pretty exciting. As my pickle spear became a banana, my confidence in my johnson would be doing pretty good. I’d also imagine as that banana became a butternut squash the panic would set in. My morning routine of staying commando for the first few hours of the day would become mandatory as I struggled to find underwear that fits over my hog. If this isn’t enough to prove my point, here is a video that some brave warrior made about the struggles of owning an oversized pecker. 

The other place my brain went after reading about this is if we could somehow contain this gene to make it an asset for other people in the future. Maybe we could use this gigantomastia cells to allow women across the world to naturally enhance themselves. This could not only be a win for men who love to see women with comically large racks, but also for women who want to change their appearance without going through a dangerous surgery. I promise, I’m thinking about everyone when I say there are potential upsides to this.

I feel for the women who is carrying two Spalding basketballs on her chest right now. But I also wonder if some good can come as a result of her suffering. Rare Disease Causes Massive Boob Growth

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