Ready For Your New Favorite Drinking Game? You Can Thank Me Later

There is no shortage of drinking games in modern society. Beer pong, rage cage, and flip cup have all left their mark on undergrads’ livers for decades now, but one absurdly fun drinking game which you probably never heard of may take the crown as the best. Let me introduce you to your soon to be favorite drinking activity: pizza box. The game itself is as simple as its title yet do not be mislead, pizza box does not utilize pizza of any kind. Rather the game relies on pure heinousness and a mind creative enough to make your friends wish they had never agreed to play with you.

The rules are simple, the game commences with each player’s name written in sharpie then circled on a flattened out pizza box. Players take turns flipping a coin onto the box, if it lands in a name that player drinks but if it lands on the board on a blank spot that is where the chaos begins. When the coin lands in a blank spot a new circle is drawn and the thrower can write anything they want in the new circle that the next player who hits it has to do.

Some staple rules include your typical shotgun a beer, naked lap or other played out rules but make no mistake, pizza box can get extremely out of control when played with the right group. That too is part of pizza box’s beauty. While games like pong practically always end in each team drinking around two to three beers a pizza box player will never be able to predict the game’s outcome. One game could end with you drinking only two beers but smoking a full pack of Marlboros, while another player in the same game could end up shitting in the middle of campus and face CTE symptoms from multiple cavemans.

Although pizza box can be the most destructive and inebriating game you’ll ever play, it can also be toned down for different audiences. The versatility is unmatched. The only limit is your imagination. Now go out and see for yourself why pizza box is the greatest drinking game on God’s green earth. Just don’t hold me responsible for any legal trouble or hospital visits you may face due to the company you keep. 

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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