Real-Life Equivalents of the Fraternities and Sororities From Monsters University

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It goes without saying that attending Monsters University would be a much different experience than attending whatever college you do now, but I’m fairly confident that one thing would be relatively the same: Greek life. In less than two hours, one of the greatest college movies of all time perfectly depicts the stereotypical houses that every campus across America has without fail. So, here are the real-life equivalents of the fraternities and sororities from Monsters University:

Jaws Theta Chi (JΘΧ) – Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣAE)

The real-life Theta Chi would’ve been a pretty solid comparison for JΘΧ, but I felt like that was way too much of a layup. Luckily for me, ΣAE exists. JΘΧ and ΣAE are the kind of guys (and monsters) that you’re not quite sure how they haven’t failed out of school yet. Sure, they all might be super jacked, but you can’t remember a time you saw one of them in class. Both houses swear on their lives that they are “touse”, but everyone else knows that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Python Nu Kappa (PNK) – Alpha Phi (AΦ)

There’s no denying it, these girls are HOT (yes, I just called a group of animated monsters hot). But, they also are the type of girls to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and cut your balls off if you leave them on delivered for too long. PNKs and AΦs are all women that at first glance you would love to settle down and have a family with, that is until you actually try to have a conversation with them.

Roar Omega Roar (RΩR) – Fiji (ΦΓΔ)

Although RΩR was the main antagonist in Monsters University, literally everyone wanted to get a bid there. Just like your typical Fiji guys, the RΩR monsters were the average preppy “daddy’s money” fraternity, but they both usually live up to the hype. Sure, they might both be a little culty, but the party we saw in the movie is what you can consistently expect from an actual “touse” like RΩR and Fiji.

Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS) – Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦB)

In the movie, Eta Hiss Hiss is clearly the “alt” sorority at Monsters University. Just like your usual GPhi, both of these houses are filled with girls that are way too into astrology and smoke enough pot daily to kill a small child. But, they’re still pretty fun to hang out with (until they ask you for your birthday).

Oozma Kappa (OK) – (Insert Your Fraternity Here)

Oozma Kappa was a hard fraternity to make a real-life comparison. Before Mike and Sully got there, Oozma Kappa was a house that I’m pretty sure no one would want to be compared to, but by the end of the movie, they are undoubtedly the most loveable group of guys on MU’s campus. For that reason, I think that every fraternity relates somewhat to Oozma Kappa. Even if it’s not necessarily all that true, a majority of houses would describe themselves as “slept on” or “misfits”, which is exactly what OK is.

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