Real Life GTA: Man Decks Woman on Subway

A man played real life GTA and decided to get up to some mayhem in New York City. A man in a Brooklyn subway station punched an innocent woman in the face and ran out of the subway station before anyone could get him. The victim and the attacker were each walking alone in opposite directions before they crossed paths and the man unloaded a vicious punch unto the woman. The woman was ok, but she had a pretty brutal black eye.

I want to shout out this woman because she actually blamed herself for staring down on her phone. She’s clearly deserves no blame for finding herself on the business end of a sucker punch. Still, her mental and phsyical toughness is admirable. If this happened to me, I’d run straight to the internet for as much sympathy as possible. I might even start an unneeded gofundme to really exploit my unfortunate luck. Not this woman. She’s the type of person to eat the bone marrow out of their wings. And she certainly is more of a man than I will ever be.

This dude on the other hand is a real piece of garbage. Playing GTA is fun and one of the main reasons of that is the fact that you’re beating up on NPCs. Punching a cartoon woman in the face will always generate a laugh from every male in the room. I’m not afraid to say that doing it in real life is not cool. If this guy decided to play real life GTA, I think he would’ve been better off stealing and crashing someone’s car. It would’ve scratched the itch he had to cause mayhem, without making an innocent woman his victim. It reminds me of a Steve-O quote I heard years ago and am about to butcher. This quote reads, “It’s funny when guys get hurt. No one likes to see chicks get hurt though.” He’s right. Pick a better victim asshole.

Despite this guy being an obvious low life, this gets zero out of five stars on the GTA crime scale. You can do this all day, and as long as you don’t do it in front of a cop, you can enjoy Los Santos as a free man afterwards.

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