Real Life Jaws in Egypt

It appears a real-life Jaws situation just wrapped up in Egypt. After videos came out of a man being killed by a tiger shark, the animal was captured and killed. It didn’t take long for action to be taken on the situation. Clearly, there was a goal to make the ocean feel safe again for the attendees of the beach. The problem is, there is no confirmation that the shark they captured was the killer. 

I think it is good to look at this through the eyes of the United States legal system. I understand this took place in Egypt, and the guilty party was a shark. My knowledge of justice systems is limited though, so this is what I have to offer. A tiger shark was apprehended for the murder of a man in the ocean, and was sentenced to death. More accurately, a tiger shark was caught in the area, and killed on the scene because he fit a description. In my eyes, this is a gross mismanagement of how sharks should be judged in a court of sea.

It would be nice if the attendees of this beach could get some assurances that the murderer was the one who was apprehended. But apparently, Egyptian police officers discriminate against sharks. There could be a shark-Zodiac going around looking for his next victim as you read this. Meanwhile, these guys are satisfied because they apprehended one tiger shark? Disgusting. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to create some kind of ocean jail where misbehaved sea creatures are kept until they are reasonably judged by a jury of their species.

No wonder there were so many Jaws movies. Without an ability to properly judge sea creatures based on their character, the ocean will never be safe. 

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Written by TFM

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