Reasons to Quit Nicotine

Might Get More Bitches!- Hey man, most guys like girls. And some girls don’t like nicotine. Wanna know a secret on how to increase your chances of getting these women? Quit nicotine! Yeah I know everyone does it and its a social thing and blah blah blah. It’s the same old excuse for people who are too addicted to coming to the realization that they have a problem. Imagine the girl of your dreams walks into the bar and then tells you she hates nicotine and you have a crippling addiction and you lose her. It doesn’t hurt to quit. It actually does the opposite.

Fixes Your Appetite- If nicotine is known for one thing, other than killing people and shortening life spans, it’s that it kills people’s appetites. Although this may be advantageous for college students because they have a reputation to be broke, it does lead to a healthier lifestyle. During a bender or a long weekend of a lot of booze and whatever else it is you do, nicotine feels very nice. However, your lungs, after the weekend, feel like absolute shit. feels like you’ve had bronchitis for a month and never got antibiotics to help you. And you probably had nothing to eat because of the nicotine! If you quit the pitters and the stoges, you can eat more so you don’t feel as bad when the bender is over. When I quit nicotine I found myself eating more and feeling a lot better because of it.

Makes you Happier- I know I probably sound like I got paid by an anti-smoking campaign to write this, but I swear I wasn’t. This is the dead truth. After I quit I found enjoyment in a lot more things. I found myself trying new things and not getting bored as easily. I mean at first when I was fiending I was getting pissed off at the smallest things. But, once the fiending stopped, that’s when the enjoyment started. For those who struggle with depression and rip nicotine, it’s a horrible combination. It’s like throwin’ a damn bomb into a bank’s vault full of money. Like why would you do that? All I am saying is if you are depressed and hooked on nicotine, that’s fucked.

Obvious Health Benefits- I mean shit, this kind of goes without saying there are clear health benefits to not smoking. Reduces your risk of cancer, your lungs and heart will love you for it, and you’ll live longer. Everyone knows this. Zyns and chewing tobacco can give you mouth cancer. Smoking and or vaping can give you lung cancer and other cancers in your organs. Don’t believe you can drink tobacco, but if you could I am sure it’d give you cancer. I heard this story a few years back of this guy whose lungs collapsed on him and the doctors did a scan on his organs and they looked like he had been smoking for 30 years when in reality he had vaped for only a few years. That’s what scared the fuck out of me and I hope it scares you. Also, it’ll save you money too! Who doesn’t love to save money?

Written by Danny Serrano

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