Remembering South Park Bigger, Longer, And Uncut

Earlier this week, I wrote how the creators of South Park got the bag for Paramount Plus. Writing that blog had me jump down memory lane, and I decided to rewatch the classic 1999 movie. Here’s what I found out from watching it 22 years after its release.

There were some jokes that definitely wouldn’t be accepted today. During Kyle’s mom is a bitch song Cartman travels to different countries to sing in a different language. It’s clear that one of the countries that Cartman visits is in Africa, and when Cartman turns the camera to sing, he has blackface. It wouldn’t fly in 2021. The F slur is thrown around, and I won’t pretend that I didn’t laugh. Some of the gay jokes between Satan and Saddam probably wouldn’t be allowed. While watching early 2000 comedy, you can’t have 2021 high greater than everybody mindset and remember that early 2000 comedy was a different world. Just enjoy the old shows and movies that made us laugh then and now.

There were a lot more songs than I remembered. Of course, there was one song that I remembered, and that was Uncle Fucka cause it’s a fucking jam.

When I was 10 and watched the South Park movie, I remembered Uncle Fucka probably cause it said fuck a million times and Terrence and Phillip called each other Uncle Fucka, and I was shocked and in love with it. Here’s the soundtrack that I just completely forgot about until today.

I love how the movie starts with Mountain Town, and everybody seems so innocent, and then boom, they see Terrance and Phillip, and they are corrupted. Other songs that are bangers are Kyle’s mom’s a bitch, and It’s Easy, Mmmkay mostly because it’s so much fun to say mmmkay.

There were some slow parts of the movie, but overall it’s still a great movie. Stand-out parts were whenever Satan and Saddam had a part together. Saddam being a horn dog and Satan, is acting like the girl who is so sick of giving up sex to an annoying person. Kenny being accepted into the heavens, and Cartman getting the V-chip. Oh, you can’t forget about when Stan finally found the clitoris.

Seeing how much money the South Park creators got brought you down memory lane, I 1000% recommend watching the old South Park movie.

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