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Rest in Peace Jim Brown

In an Instagram post by his wife Monique, it was announced today that legendary Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown passed away peacefully last night at the age of 87. Widely regarded as one of the greatest collegiate and professional football players of all time, Brown’s death is a massive loss for the world of sports. Not only was Jim Brown an outstanding football player, but was incredibly influential in civil rights activism and worked to get professional athletes more involved in improving the quality of life within the Black community across the country.

Being from Chicago, I’ll always be a Walter Payton stan, but there’s no denying that Jim Brown was as dominant as any running back in the history of the NFL. Brown was named a Pro Bowler every year of his career and is sixth all-time in rushing touchdowns, likely to remain atop that list for decades to come. Watching old Jim Brown highlights on NFL Network was a staple of my childhood, truly developing my passion for football, along with what I’m sure to be countless others as well. His gritty play style will continue to inspire kids for generations to come, undoubtedly never to be forgotten. May you rest in peace, legend.

*Information for this article was obtained from ESPN*

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