Rick Ross for Mayor?

Rick Ross is a boss. I’m pretty sure there is a rule that states you can’t make a song explicitly stating “I’m a boss,” unless you are one. Apparently he’s not content with that title, as he just announced he’s running mayor for Mayor of Fayetteville, Georgia next year. He stated his intentions on Instagram live, saying, “We gon’ make that happen, and we gonna have a good time. We gon’ give some people opportunities, we gon’ give some people raises and, of course, we gon’ have to clean some people out.” To my second-grade level of political intelligence, these all sound like excellent plans. 

Ross announced his decision to run for Mayor after his permit to host his second annual car show on his Fayetteville estate was denied to due to zoning rules. His neighbors reportedly had concerns with the estimated attendance of around 7,000 people, despite the fact that Ross said neighbors didn’t have any issues with it last year. Ross also pointed out several ways the event acts as a cash cow for Fayetteville. I don’t really know what the word zoning means, but it kind of seems like Ross should be allowed to have his fun. 

I think Ross running for Mayor is probably the best possible outcome of this dispute. Maybe he is the next celebrity to make a run for the United States Presidency. Too many figures like Kanye West and Oprah think they have a real chance of being a political figure, but they haven’t put their hours in at the bottom. Rick Ross wants to see a change, and he is clearly ready to make it work. He has a unique background for a politician, and will certainly be the most musically gifted Mayor in the United States if elected. 

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