Rihanna Does Pregnant Lingerie Shoot

It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. Wait. Is that not Rihanna? Ah well I really screwed the pooch on this one, I guess.

Anyways, Rihanna did a lingerie photoshoot for her Savage X Fenty line while pregnant with her second child. Rihanna selfishly made her pregnancy announcement during the Super Bowl halftime show. It was a clear attempt to make the moment about her instead of calling to light the improper field conditions that her stage was assembled on. Whatever, that is its own blog. Fans loved it then, and they loved these pictures too. 

Rihanna is clearly a frugal business woman. Why pay another model when you can do it yourself? As someone who has frequently cut corners in every aspect of life, I respect Rihanna’s ability to save a few bucks in this move. I just wonder if there is any legal liability to pay her child when they turn eighteen. Maybe this is a trend that is going to start with Beyonce’s kid getting a lawyer and demanding money for her pregnancy announcement. I should befriend a prelaw major and find out. 

Rihanna seemingly has more fans that rap professionally than ones who work nine to five jobs. Not saying she doesn’t have an extensive fanbase, but she also gets the rap industry to follow her around like baby ducks. Drake would probably go back into a wheelchair for a Degrassi reboot if it meant Rihanna would finally give him a chance. Now A$AP Rocky is having his second kid with her in two years. Yes, Rihanna is beautiful. But I don’t understand the grasp she has on them. 

Either way, good for Rihanna. She has some catchy songs, and has since turned her music career into a machine to make her f**k you rich. Rihanna is basically the female Ryan Reynolds at this point. She just needs to buy a sports team with her best friend. 

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