Rookie QBs Mentored By Tom Brady and Travis Scott

Being a rookie quarterback seems like one of the most interesting jobs on the planet. Before they take a snap some of them are rich enough to retire from the NFL, and they also have to learn how to play professional football. Fortunately for them, there are people who have been in their shoes before to mentor them. Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis were all lucky enough to receive guidance from the greatest quarterback of all time, as well as the guy who made Sicko Mode.

Tom Brady is an obvious choice to mentor rookie quarterbacks. Travis Scott is also a choice to mentor rookie quarterbacks. Brady is the guy that all of these guys want to become. He can teach them how to navigate the business of the NFL, dealing with expectations, and what to expect from the rigorous schedule of the NFL. Travis Scott is probably telling them about which Kardashians they have a chance to get a response from were they to send a rogue DM.

In all seriousness, Travis Scott probably does have a lot to offer these young men. Money and fame can seemingly be given to anyone these days. There are guys like The Island Boys who can’t even deal with attention long enough to make it through their fifteen minutes of fame, and there are people like Travis Scott who get people to inform their local McDonald’s employee that Cactus Jack sent them. Every single one of these quarterbacks would jump at the opportunity for a sellout that lucrative.

Even if they have a lot to offer, the combination of Travis Scott and Tom Brady is the most ridiculous pairing of mentors of all time. This feels like the toothpaste and orange juice of people. I’d like to think Travis Scott referred to Gisele as a bad bitch at one point, and Brady had to give him one of those, “hey man show some respect” looks. The clash of these two personalities having a conversation about something so serious fascinates me. Honestly, I would love to be in a group chat with these guys. Keep the rookies in or kick them for all I care. Time will tell if they are interesting. But I don’t need any proof that picking the minds of the soft-spoken signal caller, and the outspoken rapper would be incredible. 

I will also use this as an excuse to link Travis Scott’s most underrated work, which is of course his cameo in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. He shows up one minute and forty-eight seconds into the video.

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