Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley to Get Rings if the Lakers Win it All

Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have just found a fantastic opportunity to get an A on a project they didn’t contribute to. This news comes from the fact that they both might get their first championship ring this year, despite the fact that both guys are healthy and hanging out with their families right now. Both washed up guards played on the Lakers this year, and coincidentally enough, the Lakers started playing really well around the time they were traded. 

This isn’t uncommon in sports, but it does bother me a little bit. I think it should be a really nice gesture for a team to do this, not the standard. In this case, two of the most cocky and annoying players in the league have a chance to flip off the fan base with unearned diamonds on their finger. The only way this can benefit fans is if the Lakers win, and maybe these two guys decide to leave, “while they’re on top.” Perhaps a bit far-fetched, but you never know with these two. 

I think it’s time for LeBron James to take over and really separate himself from Jordan. He should lose one of the next three series on purpose. Imagine him doing a chase down block on one of his own teammates, and then looking at the camera and saying, “Get your own damn ring Russ.” I’m a certified LeBron hater, but that would move him past Michael Jordan in my opinion. He would be the definitive gatekeeper of championships in our era, choosing when he does and doesn’t want to win. It would also make him the most likable figure in sports history, by preventing these two jokers from earning a fake ring.

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Written by TFM

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