Rutgers WR Carnell Davis Learned Just Because You Play Sports Doesn’t Mean You Can Fight

First of all, are they fighting in Hawkins, Indiana? There are more bikes on the street than cars. When viral fights like this happen, we need close captioning. I had to risk blowing out my eardrums to figure out what was said before fists started to fly. What I gathered was Davis said something along the lines of why are you talking shit about my mom? Then the two guys got up close and personal like they were going to make out, a shove happened and then nighty night. You could call my mom every bad, awful name in the book if I knew I would get knocked out like that; you can talk all the shit you want.

You can tell that Davis is an athlete. He instantly gets into a boxing stance; maybe he’s like the rest of the athletes and boxes in the offseason. Hopefully, there are no videos of him looking like a fool. Cough cough… Tyler Herro.

Before any fists are thrown, we have a couple of people in the crowd telling everybody to chill and calm down. In the heat of the moment, nobody gives a flying fuck about that. If you want to be a real friend, run-up to the fight and try to break it up before your friend gets knocked the fuck out.

It looks like Davis gets the first punch off, but it’s too high. He hits buddies hat clean off of him; maybe if he aimed a few inches lower, he wouldn’t have gone to sleep. I don’t know if a punch would’ve fazed this man he threw with such intensity that Davis was a goner. The sound of Davis’s head bouncing off the street like it was a basketball was rough to hear. He was spread eagle out before he even touched the ground.

It doesn’t matter what Davis does now in his football career. He could have the most insane catch like Odell, win a Heisman, be a top 3 pick everybody will always remember him getting knocked out. I could understand this happening to a basketball player where if they get touched, they act like they’ve been murdered, but not a football player. How are you supposed to walk into practice and do the Oklahoma drill and not be ridiculed?

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