Salma Hayek Has Nip-Slip on Instagram Live

To celebrate reaching 24 million followers on Instagram, certified MILF Salma Hayek took to Instagram live to dance around in a white bathrobe. During the dance, she spun around several times flashing viewers with her milk makers and her taco. Unfortunately for you all, the past twenty-five minutes of me scouring the internet for the uncensored video came up empty, so you’ll have to settle for this:

I know. It’s very disappointing. I may or may not have contracted a few computer viruses trying to find the real deal without those pesky blur boxes over her fun parts. Aside from being one of the many women to frequent my NSFW dreams, Hayek also seems to have one of the best PR teams of all time. Seriously, when was the last time you remember a nip slip happening and not being able to easily see the whole video courtesy of the internet’s most generous hornballs?

I feel that we are being slighted here, as my day is now essentially ruined due to the fact that I wasn’t watching her live stream when it happened. Seeing this woman become naked unintentionally would’ve made my month:

Salma Hayek (pictured) and her amazing breasts

To make up for that for both myself and all of you, enjoy this three second clip. You’re welcome.

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