Science Study: Employers Hate Vegans

If you’re vegan and unemployed, don’t get your hopes up anytime soon because a new study finds that employers absolutely hate you. Well, not exactly, but definitely sorta. 

A new research study coming out of the University of Warsaw (that’s the Harvard of Poland) has recently been published where it concludes that men who are vegan come off as less suitable to hiring managers. The study does indicate that this mainly applies to what they call “masculine jobs,” such as financial analysts. That doesn’t seem very woke to me Poland, but I’ll hear you guys out.

In the study, researchers crafted a bunch of resumes with similar educational and work backgrounds, yet in the “interests and about me” section there was a discrepancy between some candidates who enjoyed cooking while others’ hobbies included plant-based cooking. These resumes were then handed out to a sample of 838 hiring managers who reviewed the applications before answering some questions from the researchers. At the end of the questioning, the researchers asked the employers to rate the candidate on a scale of 1-7, 1 being “unhirable” and 7 being “hire on the spot.”

The end results showed that vegan candidates had an average score of 4.7, while their meat-eating counterparts scored an average of 4.9.

The researchers then did the same exact experiment, but this time applying to more “feminine jobs,” such as a psychologist (at least they didn’t choose dishwasher). The results were extremely interesting as vegan men actually outperformed the meat-eaters on a score of 4.6 to 4.1. That’s a huge difference.

So I guess what the study is saying is that being vegan makes you more of a woman. Did I get that right? All I know is that eating meat is delicious and if it can help me get a job that’s even more a reason to keep stuffing beef in my face.

As for you vegan dudes out there, have fun making 18% less than the rest of us. I hope your nut milk is worth it.

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Written by Alex Becker

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