SDSU SAE Gets The Best Rush Endorsement Of All Time

Sure- a cameo of Brandi Love is incredible. Everybody has seen Lavar Ball tell you to rush PIKE, and girls getting letters tattooed on their asses never fails to put a smile on my face. BUT- if you get called a pussy by Bryce Hall- you’ve hit a level never achieved before. I’m not going to lie. I was in on Bryce Hall for a second. I liked him because everybody else hated him, but maybe that was just the Eagles fan in me. But SUING because a kid took your hat and embarrassed you is about as pathetic as Nick Cannon’s music career. 

I DMd briefly with one of the kids Bryce Hall is suing, and he was funny as fuck. When we posted the video of him stealing Bryce Hall’s hat, there wasn’t a single negative comment. SDSU SAE is going to the fucking moon after this. Do you know how much easier it’s going to be for them to get alumni donations? Imagine calling an alumnus in his forties and saying hey you know that shirtless douchebag your thirteen year old daughter watches on Tik Tok all day? Yeah, we fucked him up a little bit for you. A win for the boys at San Diego is a win for SAE’s everywhere. I really don’t want to sound like TFM’s comment section from 2014, but WHAT A FUCKING GEED.


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