Sea Lion Body Slams Trainer Into The Ground

(Photo via Daily Mail)

This sea lion just pancaked its trainer.

In a classic epic fail viral video, a sea lion at Marineland Aquarium in Mallorca, Spain escaped from its habitat and absolutely crushed a nearby trainer. Tritón — the sea lion — weighs an astonishing 330lbs. Yet, despite his weight, was able to climb up the side of his tank. As the seabeast teetered on the edge of the enclosure, Marineland trainer Sonia rushed over to try and guide him back to the water.

That did not go as planned.

Rather than pushing Tritón back into his habitat, Sonia instead winds up on the ground after Tritón pummels her into the ground. Thankfully, the video captures Sonia getting up okay and petting Tritón.

Following the incident, both Sonia and Tritón remain unharmed and well. While spectators at the aquarium feared Sonia had suffered broken bones from the incident, she actually took the collision like a champ.

In fact, following the accident medical staff arrived at the scene, yet their main concern wasn’t Sonia at all. It was Tritón. The staff checked the sea lion for internal and external injuries and were able to safely return him to the water. Sonia on the other hand is back to working as normal.

If you don’t have respect for Sonia after that clip something is wrong with you. This woman got piledriven into the ground by a 330lb slab of blubber and got up immediately. Imagine being sacked by Aaron Donald without any pads on and just getting up perfectly fine. You couldn’t do it. There’s just no shot. 

Sonia, thank you for putting your body on the line to try and save Tritón from falling. Though it may have been extremely poorly timed, your effort and physicality were clearly on display. Too bad this clip will survive on the internet forever. 

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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