Senior Prank Gone Wrong, 80 Students Not Walking at Graduation

While we are Total Frat Move, a fraternities future pledges have to come from somewhere. Typically, that is a high school. In North Carolina, a student named Alex Solari, who attends Walter M. Williams High School, has taken one for the team as the one who led a series of funny but destructive senior pranks.

Solari admitted to leading the pranks, which involved pouring cement into toilets. He expressed remorse for his actions and stated that he is actively working to make amends. Personally, I think he could’ve cut out the apology because we all know that this was funny and people need to chill out.

Photo from CBS WFMY News 2

Unfortunately, as a consequence of the senior pranks, more than 80 students will not be able to participate in their graduation ceremonies because the entire school system has gone WOKE! The school board released a statement confirming that graduating seniors involved in the pranks will be suspended from campus for the remainder of the academic year and will be barred from participating in the graduation ceremonies.

While taking the blame, Alex Solari spoke of his concern about other students who will not be able to participate in graduation, highlighting that they are being punished for something they were not directly involved in.

What a good guy, if I was in his position, I would double down on this and simply say “It was a senior prank”. In my opinion, unless an actual human was killed, there should be no punishment. One of the senior pranks, when I was in high school, was kids buying all the goldfish from the local PetCo and throwing them into the pool. F*cked up? Yes. Funny? Yes.

Alex, one tip for the future, if you’re gonna do something like this: make sure you don’t do it with 80 kids around you. Maybe just choose 3-4 good friends and don’t get caught. That is my only problem with this.

Written by TFM Stelly

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