Set Everything On Fire, And Party Your Ass Off As UCLA Made The Final Four

California gets a bad rep that they are too cool to actually care about sports. When you’re hanging out in 80-degree weather and have babes walking the beach all day, caring if your favorite sports team actually won a game that really has nothing to do with you doesn’t seem that important. Compared to where I live, where I’m supposed to get 10in of snow tomorrow, caring about sports is all I can look forward to as the weather repeatedly smacks me in the face with its dick. As UCLA has made their Cinderella run to the final four fans and students didn’t seem to care that much. Well, last night, the students showed the world that when the Bruins make the Final Four, everything burns.

There’s something about fire that goes back thousands of years. Sure at the beginning of time, it was to cook food and keep people from freezing to death. Now, if there’s a bonfire, you know that it means good times. There can be nothing going on, and a party can start from nowhere all because people decided to burn a shit ton of wood. There wasn’t a couch or bookshelf safe last night after UCLA upset Michigan.

Going to a big sports school would be worth the thousands of debt to celebrate your team winning. Those are the nights that hit a little differently. Sure having a great time at a random college party is fun, but the night that the Bruins upset the Wolverines is a night you’ll remember forever. You’ll be telling the story of how you burned couches and bookcases in the middle of the street until you’re 80 years old.

Written by Mailman Dave

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