Shams and Woj Silence Free Agent Reporter

Woj and Shams are NBA Insiders, who work for ESPN and The Athletic, respectively. They are both prominent sports journalist and their reporting primarily covers the NBA. They are often the first to deliver updates on free-agent signings and trades within the NBA. Their contributions to basketball are comparable to Adam Schefter’s role in the NFL.

They are in hot water after allegedly silencing Twitter user @droppingdime20 after he beat them to multiple stories yesterday. The first to report that James Harden picked up his option with the 76ers, but is seeking a trade. He was also the first one to report that the Clippers and Suns are both interested in a trade. His account has since been removed.

I say they are in hot water because a couple of days before the 4th of July when Americans celebrate their freedoms, these spineless men have SILENCED a rogue reporter. This is like when the British wanted to tax the colonies without us being able to vote.

I am personally going to bat for @droppingdime20 and will be writing a letter to ESPN and The Athletic to take action against their employees. As a kid, I was taught that if someone beat me, get better. Calling Twitter to take down the account is a SOFT move and I expect better from Elon.

Written by TFM Stelly

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