Shannon Sharpe Out At Undisputed, My Top 3 Replacements

Last night, reports came out that Shannon Sharpe will be leaving his FS1 sports debate show Undisputed. While no official comments have been made about what caused Sharpe to request a buyout from Fox Sports, I think it’s safe to assume that the main reason is Skip Bayless. As one of the most ignorant, annoying, and dumbfoundedly idiotic people on the face of this planet, Skip Bayless has proven himself as difficult to work with and simply just a villain in the eyes of the sports community. I cannot blame Sharpe for leaving the show and refusing to work with such a self-centered and overconfident ass. That said, the show must go on. Here are my top three replacements for Undisputed.

Emmanuel Acho

Skip Bayless is a grumpy old man who clearly lacks the ability to please a woman. He is a nasty and down right unrespectable human being that I sincerely want to see fail. We need someone to put this man in his place and I certainly believe that Emmanuel Acho has the power to do so. While Acho once played linebacker in the NFL, he is far less aggressive and overpowering than Skip. Opposite how Skip consistently attempts to speak over people to get his way, Acho prepares elegant, stylized monologues that make valid points and arguments without being hostile. Skip confuses passion for aggression, while Acho is able to clearly lay out sound arguments using logic and stats without ever raising his voice. Sure, just like any other sports analyst Acho can sometimes turn on his firepower, but even in those rare circumstances he still remains calm and expresses himself in a way that makes him seem intelligent rather than an upset two-year-old like Bayless. Aside from being level-headed, Acho’s takes are typically compelling, factual, and accurate. I side with him much of the time and I love knowing that if anything ever does turn personal (something Skip always makes happen) he has the physical power to crush Bayless into a pile of sand and bones.

Nick Wright

If you are unfamiliar with Nick Wright, he is the guy that looks like @meals_by_cug, but without the italian accent. He is one of the smartest people in the sports commentary community right now and can speak on basically anything. If he were sitting next to Skip, he would make him look like an absolute fool and that is exactly what we need. He would have no problem matching Skip’s intensity, but instead of just blurting out the first thing on his mind Wright would actually be able to maintain a full thought. In terms of age, the show would look like an episode of Generation Gap where one put-together, rational young person sits beside an elderly coke user clinging onto both life and his relevancy. If you put Nick Wright on the show, I think he may go undefeated against Skip. He uses numbers and advanced stats that Skip has never heard of since they are fewer than 25 years old which are sure to confuse and bewilder the small-minded grouch. I guarantee if Nick Wright became the co-host that it would turn into his show within two years, leaving Skip in the dust to simply rot away for the remaining 10 years of his life.

Colin Cowherd

Unlike the last two suggestions, I absolutely despise Colin Cowherd. While he may not be as much of a narcissistic asshole as Skip, his takes are just as bad. Just like Skip, Cowherd is also a major LeBron hater. One time back in 2019, Cowherd said that Ben Simmons was a top 5 player in the NBA and was “more fun to watch than LeBron.” Yeah right, the dude that refuses to even shoot the ball is incredibly electrifying. Even more than his constant and overused LeGoat slander, Colin is the definition of saying things for attention. He once called Mike Trout “irrelevant,” and also said that Dak Prescott would be in the NFL as a “backup tight end.” I genuinely don’t believe that Cowherd himself believes the things that come out of his mouth. So why would he make a good fit to co-host alongside Skip Bayless. Well, for one thing it would be incredibly entertaining to see two old dudes who are constantly wrong agree with each other about things that are completely nonsensical. But also because they both suck so hard we may as well just stick them together and have them take up less media space. As of now the two combine for 5.5 hours of Fox Sports programming each and every weekday. That’s way too much. Let’s try to cut that down to 2.5 hours and then have ratings fall so low they are eventually exiled from TV back to AM radio where they belong.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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