Shaq Goes on a Date with Brittany Renner

Shaq and Instagram model, Brittany Renner, were recently seen on a date in Los Angeles. Renner is most known as the influencer who famously lectured the Jackson State football team about the dangers of dating. Paparazzi spotted the pair eating dinner at a hotel in Los Angeles, and they spent over two hours together. It was reported that the two have a strictly platonic relationship and were there as friends. They did look friendly enough for the internet to speculate about the nature of this meeting, though. 

I hope for the sake of Renner’s internal organs that she truly is just friends with Shaq. If these two had a sexual relationship of any kind, Shaq might actually separate her into two pieces. Typically when I see a picture of a man and woman of their sizes, it’s a thumbnail for an adult video. Yes, Renner is incredibly hot. Women who look like her tend to date professional athletes. I just hope that when she does choose a sexual partner, she is willing to trade in the Hall of Fame jacket for a more reasonably sized partner. Hopefully a guard. 

I don’t know who was more surprised to see the headline that described the pair as friends, Shaq or the public. From my minimal knowledge of the situation, Shaq wanted this to be a romantic event. I don’t know if I’m right, but I know that Charles Barkley will likely agree with me. Even if they decide it’s not worth the screen time, I already know that Chuck is going to be tearing him apart for even pretending to have a chance with Renner. He’ll say something like, “You know your Shrek lookin’ ass ain’t getting with Brittany Renner.” He’s right. Sure, it’s fun to speculate about the nature of this relationship. But the eye test can tell you pretty quickly, Shaq’s not dating Brittany Renner. 

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