Shit Boys, It’s Time To Change The Wardrobe. According To A Michigan Study Men Who Wear Ralph Lauren Polo’s Are More Likely To Cheat

Men who wear extravagant fashions with large luxury logos embroidered on them are more likely to be untrustworthy, according to a University of Michigan study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Males who own tees with larger brand emblems were “rated higher on mating effort, lower on parental investment,” researchers said, and have a higher interest in engaging in brief sexual affairs.


Jesus Christ, we have gone from reading the stars to figure out what people are doing to seeing what they are wearing. Sure, you see somebody, and the first thing that you look at is their clothes. A shirt can tell you everything that you need to know about a person. I don’t think somebody is more likely to cheat because of what they are wearing. My first thoughts are that shirt looks like it’s gone through hell and back as it is stained to shit. Or that person spent over $500 on a Gucci shirt, or that person thinks they are so cool wearing a Supreme shirt that they waited 3 hours to get. Or people can tell you their favorite sports team or if they like to fish and crush beers with only a t-shirt.

These men are also less interested in having long-term and committed romantic relationships, the study showed. They are also less attracted to women who want these long-term relationships compared to men who own shirts with a smaller logo. The study focused on the brand Ralph Lauren and its famous polo shirts with the iconic mini horse logo and shirts that contain its larger version of the logo. The research team asked a group of men to see which type of polo they’d rather wear when attending parties and other social events. The research showed that men prefer the smaller logo-branded shirts for soirées as well as job interviews and formal events.


This just makes sense we don’t want that big horse screaming at the job interview, but if you’re going out with the boys that horse is sick. Also if you pop that collar the chances of getting lucky goes up 1000%.

I remember when I was in middle school, Ralph Lauren was the clothes to wear. Every cool kid came into school with a polo on, and of course, I wanted to be cool, so guess who asked their parents for Ralph Lauren polos? That’s right, me, but my parents weren’t going to spend $50 on a shirt that I would more than likely get dirt stains on. So I remember I was allowed to get 2 polos from the clearance rack. I think I got a black and blue polo, and I felt like such cool shit walking into school the next year. Well, I didn’t realize that polos had become preppy, and that wasn’t cool anymore, so I had 2 polos that sat in the closet gathering dust.

This feels like a shot at every frat boy. The NY Post might as well @TFM the next time they come at the GOAT Ralph Lauren.

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