Should All Women Look Like This?

Stewart-Allen Clark, a Missouri Baptist Pastor, has been put on leave after making “sexist” and “misogynistic” comments about wives and women in general:

He says “I’m not saying every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time like Melania Trump. Most women can’t be trophy wives, but you know … maybe you’re a participation trophy.” 

This guy looks and sounds like a shitty comedian that just got broken up with. Seriously, if this man wasn’t holding a book I would’ve thought he was bombing at an open mic. All of the ingredients are there… sweaty white dude on stage? Check. Jokes that have clearly never been done in front of anything besides a mirror? Check. Complete silence in the audience? Check. 

He is telling women who are married to lose weight so they are not as big of a “distraction” to men. But why would that matter? He’s speaking as if a man met a woman, got to know her for a while, got close, fell in love with her looks and personalities, decided to get married, and THEN suddenly hates her because her fatness is too distracting. First of all, a person’s weight should never be a distraction in a relationship… but if it was for some fucked up reason, why would it only be an issue AFTER you get married? Why was it “not distracting” when you were dating? Why is it as soon as the law is involved there’s suddenly an issue? This guy claims that what men want is a trophy wife like Melania which is completely false.

Obviously, this guy is fucking crazy, but what I really like about this situation is that he is a PASTOR. He is telling impressionable people, people that think what is being said comes from God, this nonsense and forcing them to believe it. My favorite part is the fact that most people in the audience are either completely silent because they are not on board at all, or completely silent because they are speechless due to the amount of truth they are hearing. A couple of times he says “can I get an amen?” and you can hear one or two chauvinistic asshole husbands respond with “amen”.

It just amazes me that this is a religious situation. As I said, I could see a comedian get canceled for saying something like this… I even might think there is a joke in this. I could totally read the quote above picturing Bill Burr saying it all red in the face and getting laughs. But when you are a pastor, you are responsible for these impressionable people. You can’t walk around on stage hating on women because some people think the stuff you say is true. They truly believe that what you are saying COULD be something from god… so let’s cool it with the misogyny.

“men have the need for their women to look like women” -PASTOR Stewart-Allen Clark

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  1. Luckily most of the people there are like every other adult and young adult: discerning.
    They realized he was off base with what their beliefs are. It wasn’t Twitter or anyone else that “rescued” some “dumb people who nearly fell for it.” No, they listened to what was said, then used their brains, said “that doesn’t line up; you’re way off”

    Impressionable makes it sound like they’re children… anyone with people above them in positions of authority who are more educated, esteemed, or successful could sway you (or whomever) in whatever respective field. It’s not unique to religion.

    Few people believe all pastors’ words are direct from God. And if they do, they are already being manipulated by others in their life… they got other problems.

    I’m probably just being oversensitive.

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