Sick Of Getting A Covid Test Up The Nose? It Could Be Worse You Could Live In China Where They Are Taking Anal Swab Tests

The Japanese government has asked China to stop imposing anal swab tests for COVID-19 on Japanese citizens.

I don’t know the political reasoning for this, but it seems as if China is punishing anybody from foreign countries. It’s not only Japanese citizens who are getting anal swabs, but 2 American diplomats had also to have anal swab tests.

When Covid tests first came out, viral videos were going around of people were being tested. People acted like they were getting murdered by having a cue tip shoved up their nose. I know that for some of you, having a cue tip up the nose isn’t the worse thing that you’ve ever put up your nose. I’m looking at you who loves some nose candy.

Now instead of pulling up in your car, rolling down the window, pulling down your mask, and getting a cue tip up the nose to see if you are infected with Corona. Instead, imagine having to go to a doctor’s office, pulling down your pants, holding in a fart, so you don’t accidentally give the Dr a beef stew, and then getting a cue tip shoved up your ass. I don’t know about you, but this sounds much worse than the normal Covid test.

Supposedly China believes that an anal swab test is more accurate than a nasal test. I don’t know how much I believe that especially since China is always known to give out accurate information.

China lied, people died: There’s no question that Beijing’s early cover-up of its coronavirus crisis led to the deaths of thousands of people around the world. And it’s still lying, blatantly. After weeks of pressure, it finally upped its official count of coronavirus deaths in Wuhan, where the pandemic started, from 2,579 to 3,869 — that is, exactly 50 percent. Nothing suspicious there. And it’s still claiming absurdly low deaths in major cities whose citizens are frequent travelers: Just eight total in Beijing (population: 21.5 million) and seven in Shanghai (pop. 24 million). The plague spread from Wuhan to Europe and America, killing hundreds in urban areas — yet somehow barely touched Chinese cities packed with far more people.

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