Six Great Excuses To Cancel Plans

There is no better feeling than canceling plans. Everyone knows the feeling of relief you get when you get out of going to something you never should have agreed to in the first place. However, before that amazing relief, we all must deal with the dreaded stress of canceling said plans. Concocting a believable lie to get you out of plans can be tricky. It needs to be specific enough to seem real, but not too alarming to prompt follow up questions. For example, whereas “family emergency” works perfect for getting out of class, it won’t get you out of helping your best friend move. Instead, he is just going to freak out and ask what the emergency is. Thus, you need excuses that invite less questions, but still feel plausible. Here are six great excuses to cancel plans.

Excuse #1: Broken AC

This is my personal go-to since it’s both believable and oddly specific. Just say that your air conditioner just stopped working and you need to stay home for the guy to fix it. No one likes being in a house with no AC, so surely they will understand.

Excuse #2: Someone Needs Jumper Cables

This is a good one because you can literally insert anyone as the subject. Hell, you could even make up a person that you’re helping. All you gotta do is say that your mom, sibling, or whoever it is got stuck on the highway when they’re car broke down. Tell them you need to help jump their car and can’t make it. No one is going to offer to come along and help, so you should be in the clear.

Excuse #3: My Dog Licked A Frog

While humans trip sack after licking frogs, dogs can actually get extremely sick and die by doing so. Thus, tell your friend that you were walking your dog and he licked a frog. Say you need to go to the vet and make sure you sound in a hurry. Chances are they won’t ask follow up questions, but if they do just say it ended up being a non-poisonous frog and your dog is okay.

Excuse #4: My Grandma’s Nursing Home Just Called

It doesn’t even matter if your grandma lives in a nursing home or not, I promise you your friend doesn’t know any better. Just tell them your grandma’s nursing home has some sort of problem. Maybe her prescription needs to be refilled immediately or perhaps they lost her entirely and need you to come identify which old person is your grandmother. Literally doesn’t matter. The point is people won’t ask follow up questions about your grandma or a nursing home. They are both just way too depressing.

Excuse #5: I Got Too High

Now, this one may upset the person being canceled on, but that’s gonna happen regardless so it shouldn’t really matter. Plus, it’s extremely believable. Tell your buddy that you smoked some weed and got way too high. So high, in fact, that your day is now over and you will be going to sleep until morning time. If they don’t understand, are they truly the type of friend you want anyway?

Excuse #6: Explosive Diarrhea

Trust me, if you tell someone you have explosive diarrhea, there is no chance they ask you for proof. If they do, maybe unfriend that person.

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Written by Alex Becker

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