Slang Saturday Volume VIII

This has turned into one of my favorite blogs to write. There’s something so stupid about Urban Dictionary hitting the random button and being brought back to 2010 where you could make jokes and not be worried about being canceled is great. The difference between Urban Dictionary words made from 2021 to 2008 is drastic. Anyway, here is the first word…

Robinhood and other platforms have made buying stocks easier and easier. Dogecoin was the first meme coin that really blew up, but now there are hundreds. There is cumrocket, Shiba Inu, and dozens of other dumb meme coins. I’m a paper hand bitch that bought Doge like 8 months ago because of my little brother. Once I made a little money, I sold it all; I now regret everything. I’m not like some people who had thousands of dollars in it, and it would now be worth millions, but regrets were still made.

I never realized that Discord was the place for porn, but after stumbling across some weird pockets of Reddit. Jesus Christ, there are some strange Discords. I had to urban dictionary kitty, and these people are borderline furry’s. I don’t understand the thigh-high hate, though; everybody knows that thing highs and nothing else is very hot.

Speaking of furry’s, here is Rule 46. I don’t even want to know what Furry porn of Lady Gaga could be. I know that she used to wear some strange dresses, but how could that be made into furry porn? Everybody knows those weird pornhub ads that are at the top of the website. As you see a pony getting bent over, and railed you just ignore it and try to find other videos.

Everybody wants to yagoo their boss. I want to have my phone in my pocket and record when I quit the post office. It will be just like the scene from Half Baked, but instead, there is nobody cool at the post office. They are all a bunch of dicks. I know that you can’t tell off your boss for fear of being fired, but you can imagine it in your head, and that’s almost as good.

This is the first five comments on every TFM’s Instagram post. They are all bots, but everybody has fallen into clicking on their profile because they look smoking hot from that tiny profile picture. Speaking about being teleported back into 2009, I love that the example is using AOL chat.

Written by Mailman Dave

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