So Was Elon Musk’s SNL Good?

For the first time in a long time, there was an actual buzz about SNL. Daddy Musk had the internet buzzing mostly because SNL characters were upset that Elon is rich as fuck. Even though first-year cast members make $7,000 an episode. Then most of the cast goes onto make movies and tv shows and become millionaires. During Trump’s presidency, SNL became insufferable. Regardless of where your politics lie, hearing the same Trump jokes week after week gets boring. The hay day of Adam Sandler and Chris Farley SNL is long gone, and SNL is holding for dear life.

Elon started his SNL debut with a monologue. Where you truly saw how strange he is, and his comedic timing wasn’t there, but he’s not a comedian. He made jokes about OJ, which always kills; he brought his mom on and talked about Doge. He told us that he is the first host with Asperger’s and joked that he is used to running human mode. It was fine, it wasn’t filled with a lot of laughs, but it was cool to see a guy who is bigger than the moon talk about his life and try to make jokes.

Pete Davidson is my favorite character and the only one that’s a real star, in my opinion. Chad on Mars skit was hilarious, and Elon was just fine in it. Elon is in charge of the Mars mission and doesn’t have to carry any of the jokes; that is what Pete Davidson is there for. Miley is also in the skit and plays the mother to Chad’s unborn baby. Which Chad has the gut reaction that most guys have after a one-night stand that goes wrong. Except most guys can’t wander off into the radioactive Mars.

The Cowboy Standoff skit was what if a smart, weird person like Elon was around in the Old West. It seems like it’s going to be a roast of Elon, but it comes off more that Leron is a dreamer. It’s a meh skit where Leron talks about rechargeable horses, making up his own currency, and it’s the same jokes you could make about Elon, but in the Wild Wild West.

Gen Z Hospital might be one of the worst skits of the night. Do you enjoy listening to over-the-top stereotypes of Gen Z? Nobody does, and the entire skit is filled with stupid slang that nobody actually says. No cap, sus, tea, and other dumb slang is said every other second. It’s so over the top that it’s not funny, I contemplated stopping the skit multiple times, but I powered through it so I can warn you not to watch it. Also, Elon has many lines, and most of them sound like a mumbled foreign language.

Having Super Mario become real life actually works. Elon as Wario isn’t great, but the rest of the cast is hilarious. The Luigi and Princess Peach segment are very funny, especially with the text evidence. Pete Davidson coming out as Governor Cuomo is meh. I would rather have the court stay as Super Mario characters. Also, the meme of Elon as Wario is going to be all over Twitter for at least the next week.

Sweet baby, Jesus is the Ooli Show bad. It’s like every horrible YouTube video that is made for children combined into one bad show. Elon playing producer Ragnarok is weird as he desperately keeps asking for Ooli to be his girlfriend. The laughter coming from the crowd sounds more faker than the first time you meet your girlfriend’s dad.

Elon is on the weekend update to as the Dogefather and is very funny as he keeps getting asked what Dogecoin is. His answers are every person on the internet who screams that it’s a cryptocurrency, it’s the future of money, and it’s going to the moon. Finally, when asked if it’s a hustle, the Dogefather say’s yes it is, before screaming one last time to the moon!!! Well, Elon’s SNL appearance didn’t help Doge as it fell after the show, but keep those diamond hands because remember it’s the future of money, it’s a cryptocurrency, and it’s going to the moon!!!!

Elon Musk’s SNL performance was meh. There were a couple of good skits with Weekend Update, Chad on Mars, and Wario, but nothing was amazing. This is what SNL is now people will find the good skits on YouTube, and that’s what will get watched gone are the days of the entire show being hilarious.

With all of the money that you made from Doge don’t forget to buy an Elon to the moon shirt.

Written by Mailman Dave

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