Sofia Vergara Shows Off Stunning Summer Physique

Sofia Vergara – everyone’s favorite mom – gifted us all with a pair of amazing photos this past weekend to celebrate hitting 30 million followers on Instagram. I’ve chosen to stay away from neon green since I aged out of the “Nike Elite” phase in sixth grade, but I certainly don’t mind the color if it’s being sported by Miss Vergara.

The fact that this woman is 51 years old and still looks like that is truly astonishing. I mean, I hope to still have a functioning kidney by the time I’m 40. Sofia Vergara has continued to maintain supermodel status and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon. I might be one of the few people to not have hopped on the Modern Family hype train, but this Instagram post alone has got me ready to watch all eleven seasons in one sitting. Either that or I’ll just swipe on Tinder until I can find myself a nice Colombian woman. 

Genuine question – what do we think Sofia is going to look like once she hits 70? Because right now, she doesn’t look a day over 25. This might be somewhat of a hot take, but I consider Sofia Vergara to be the pound-for-pound number-one hot mom in the world at the moment. Just like LeBron, no one is even close to matching her longevity and production. There’s always an argument for the two Jennifers – Lopez and Anniston – but I’ll defend this take till the day I die (or when Dua Lipa has her first child).

Written by the godfather

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