Sofia Vergara’s Five Hottest Acting Roles

Sofia Vergara is so unbelievably good looking that I sometimes forget she has actual acting credits. People that beautiful don’t need to work in my eyes, because their genetics can pay for almost anything. Despite this, Sofia Vergara has had a successful acting career. She has been in countless movies and tv shows, but some stand out above the rest. Here are Sofia Vergara’s five hottest acting roles.

5. The Three Stooges

The women in this movie are something else. In addition to Sofia Vergara in her prime, Kate Upton wears a nun hat and a bikini in the same scene, and Larry David plays Sister Mary. It’s a strange movie, but it didn’t stop Sofia Vergara from stealing each scene she was in. This was as her popularity was really starting to spike, so she was paid simply to wear tight shirts on camera. Her lines were just a bonus. 

4. Four Brothers

Mid-2000’s Sofia Vergara wasn’t as popular, but she looked just as good. This is a cheesy-fun Mark Wahlberg action movie. The men in this movie are largely forgettable. That being said, Sofia Vergara plays the love interest of–you guessed it–one of the four brothers. I can’t tell you a single detail of her character in that movie, but I remember liking her every time she came on screen.

3. Modern Family

I’m sorry, but the betting favorite to land at number one is coming up third on this list. Sofia Vergara was the face of America’s favorite ensemble cast for a decade because she was the hottest woman in the country. The show went for eleven seasons, and her consistent good looks was likely the main reason. Gloria Delgado and her tight dresses allowed me to lock in my sexuality from a young age.

2. Entourage

I don’t care if she is in 249 less episodes (yes, that is the real number) of Entourage than Modern Family. Her one episode arch as the beautiful Colombian extra driving a wedge through the cast and crew of a Hollywood blockbuster was nothing short of brilliant. The reason it worked so well, is because the viewers and the characters of the show were equally blown away by Vergara and her beauty. 

1. Chef

Not even a question. Sofia Vergara’s performance in this movie is the most attractive anyone has ever been while fully clothed. First of all, standing next to delicious plates of food makes anyone more attractive. I’ve almost kissed my friends before because they were carrying a pizza. The effect this has on Vergara is unmatched sexual power. Also, she dates Jon Favreau at his heaviest. This movie left me more inspired than a

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