Some of the Best Feelings You Experience in College

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The First Sip of Beer on a Thursday Night

There’s just something about that sip hitting your lips. You grinded all week, and sure, you’ve got class in the morning, but all of that fades away the second that first drink gets cracked. It’s the beautiful start to the weekend that you deserved.

A Post Darty/Gameday Nap

Waking up in the morning on just a few hours of sleep and a criminally painful hangover is no easy feat. Spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon drinking and partying or losing your mind when your school’s team (not my school’s team, that’s for fucking sure) makes a fourth quarter comeback is an even bigger challenge, but the moment you get back to your bed to take a nap before drinking that night is an out of body experience. It’s because of that nap that this blog didn’t come out yesterday.

Doing Zero Homework on Sunday and Watching RedZone

The Sunday scaries don’t seem to exist between the hours of 1pm and 11pm on Sunday during football season. Of course, all the work you procrastinated on will still be there after the Sunday night game, but the glorious ten hours of football we watch every week is an undefeated feeling of happiness.

Waking Up to a Cancelled Class

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, you experience the pure bliss of waking up to a cancelled class. Sometimes you actually end up going and not finding out until you get to the classroom, but when you check your email before getting out of bed only to see that you don’t even have to get up – words can’t describe that happiness.

Drunk Eats

Whether it’s stumbling into a McDonald’s, Door Dashing Taco Bell, or picking up a personal pizza, finally scarfing down food after drinking is a borderline sexual moment. You and I both know that’s true.

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