Somebody Needs To Sign This Man To A Football Team After He Juked The Sox Security

The White Sox bleachers have become a zoo. The Sox are legitimate World Series contenders this year, and their fans don’t know what to do with themselves. We have seen fan fights in the bleachers, cup snakes that have stretched from the bottom row to the top, and other insanity.

These two fans decided that Friday was going to be the night they stormed the field. They didn’t go all-in with being ass naked, but they still fully committed the second they jumped over the outfield wall. I have to say it is very impressive; there is no way my fat ass could make it over that wall. The one buddy who was wearing the Abreu jersey made it over the wall with ease, started with some let’s go clapping, made a run towards home, but the second he saw security, he turned around and accepted defeat.

The buddy in the plain black shirt had trouble getting over the wall but then made a mad dash to home. The second he saw security, he didn’t become a coward, no this man turned into prime Derrick Henry. The first security guard stood no chance as he was juked out of his shoes and fell to the grass. He then made it to the pitching mound and pretended to throw a pitch. Great technique on the wind-up and release. Was he done after the pitch? Oh god, no, he ran towards the outfield, breaking a tackle like the security guard was a small child. He then broke out the famous Deion Sanders walk with the high legs as he had just returned a 95-yard kickoff return. It looks like it’s the end of the line as a guard has him lined up, but then he breaks through the tackle like Marshawn Lynch. HOLD MY DICK!!!

After going Beast Mode, it looks like he has given up. Nope, bullies through more guards, but then is tackled. A good ole streaking never gets old, even if the streaker isn’t fully nude. I’m glad this person wasn’t a pussy and kept on running. You hear a cop say you know they’ll end up in something county jail to the person filming. Hey, the thrill of being chased by guards is something that every high school underage drinker has experienced. That rush is something you’ll never get again unless you charge a field.

Written by Mailman Dave

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