Song of the Summer “Wire Fraud Tutorial” Can Make You Rich

A rapper called Punchmade Dev just released the song of the summer. His well named song, “Wire Fraud Tutorial” is potentially the most helpful song ever created. In it, he gives thorough instructions to how to commit wire fraud without getting caught. He even puts it to a decent beat according to the rap knowledge I’ve attained by listening to “Not Afraid” on repeat in middle school.

I won’t lie, I’ve had this song on repeat. It started out as a way for me to potentially become rich. By the time the song played the third time, I remembered the basement scene from Shawshank Redemption and decided that it wasn’t worth the risk. The weird thing is I found myself memorizing the lyrics for an entirely different reason. Punchmade Dev made the best song of 2023. 

This song is a demonstration of the legal system at work. A recent bill was passed that outlawed using song lyrics in court. Punchmade Dev took this progress and used it to his advantage. There are two options for why he made the song. He either had an excess of information on how to commit wire fraud, or he wanted to take his newfound freedom as an opportunity to mess with everyone. I hope it’s the ladder, and there are some stressed cops as a result of this song. 

Please listen to this song from beginning to end. The content is exactly what you’d expect it to be, but it’s actually way better than it has any business being. 

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Written by TFM

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