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Songs By Unsuspected Celebrities

Angelina Pivarnick  – I’m Hot

It’s no surprise the least liked Jersey Shore cast member would put out such a trash one hit wonder. I honestly feel bad for her, she got the boot from the popular hit reality show and needed to make this to stay relevant and it FLOPPED. Kind of catchy though, little bit of Bollywood flair to it.

Michael Cera – Clay Pigeons

Michael Cera quite literally scares the living shit out of me. His bold but bland way about him gives me the most off putting vibes. I had NO IDEA he was even a musical artist. His music just kind of reassures me of the kind of person he is. I understand that some people probably eat it up, but for me it just isn’t it.

Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time

I feel like many people already know about this banger, but it had to be mentioned.

Scarlett Johanson – Anywhere I Lay My Head

There is absolutely no reason for Scarlett Jo to dip into music, and I think this is exactly why. I’m no music mastermind but IS THIS GOOD? It’s not something my ears appreciate. I feel bad because it seems like she really poured her heart into this BUUUUT….stick to acting babes.

Kim Kardashian – Jam Turn It Up

This is honestly just funny to me. I’m aging myself a little bit but I remember when this came out. I literally thought she was going to make the leap into pop star territory. Now, she’s a full blown icon. It’s comical to compare this version of Kim K with the current professional lawyer/business woman she is today.

Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester, “Good Girls Gone Bad

Another one that a majority of people know about, but as I was doing my research for this blog I found this and was shocked. I never knew the Gossip Girl actress was a feature on this song. Sorry if I’m late to the party but it kind of blew my mind.

Dave Portnoy

This was probably one of my favorite finds for this post. Not only is this a hidden gem with only 41,000 views…it was also produced by Mike (Formally Mike Stud.) I understand this was a diss track and it was meant to be satirical but in the behind the scenes cut you see how dead serious he really was about this. Dave is a jack of all trades and a phenomenal businessman, but when it comes to rapping this is just absolute and utter comedy.

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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